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 Weapon Template

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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Weapon Template   Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:18 pm


[u][b]Name:[/b][/u] Name of the weapon.

[u][b]Apperance:[/b][/u] Describe or put a picture of your weapon. Please no things like Zanpaktou. (From Bleach)

[u][b]Element:[/b][/u] The element of your weapon. If none, simply write, N/A  Note that you must have the same element as your weapon.

[u][b]Description:[/b][/u] How your weapon works. Please be detailed here, one paragraph at least.

[u][b]RP Sample:[/b][/u] A Role Play Sample of how you use your weapon. At least one Paragraph.

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Weapon Template
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