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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Character Template I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 5:05 pm


[u][b]Name:[/b][/u] This will be your character’s full name, first and last. Preferably try to make this sound Japanese. That means your name shouldn't be Bob.

[u][b]Nickname:[/b][/u] This is what other characters in the Senshi Universe will refer to your character as. If your character is called the same as his or her name, you can simply write N/A(None).

[u][b]Senshi Name:[/b][/u] Senshi (Whatever you want to name your Senshi)

[b][u]Element:[/u][/b] The Elements available are light, darkness, water, fire, earth, air, lightning, and ice. Only one element can be chosen.


[b][u]DOB (Date of Birth):[/u][/b]

[u][b]Gender:[/b][/u] From experience I understand that some characters can be misinterpreted by simply looking at the name. Just list your characters gender here, male or female. There are no other genders! XD

[u][b]Appearance:[/b][/u] Provide at least a paragraph or two that describes what your character looks like in vivid detail. Make sure to describe important characteristics like hair and eye color, clothing, and any other noticeable features about your character. If your character looks just like your avatar, just write, "Refer to Avatar" You should also include a description or picture of your senshi form, in case you can't show both with your avatar.

[u][b]Personality:[/b][/u] Next provide another paragraph about how your character normally acts. Try to bring your character to life and be as realistic as possible. Remember that real people are more complex than “likes to fight” or “pure evil.”

[b][u]Alignment: [/u][/b] Light Senshi (good), Dark Senshi (evil), or Nuetral Senshi (fights for themself)

[u][b]Messenger:[/b][/u] This is the description of the little animal-like alien who explained the world of senshi to you and gave you your transformation item. You'll meet them a little after you begin Role Playing.

[b][u]Transformation Item:[/u][/b] Just the name of your transformation item because there is another template for them spesificly.

[u][b]Background:[/b][/u] Provide at least paragraph for each segment of life your character has lived through up until the point you start role-playing. 

[u][b]Abilities:[/b][/u] (More than one is allowed)

[u][b]Name of Ability:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Element:[/u][/b] (Must be the same as Senshi's element)
[u][b]Description:[/b][/u] At least one paragraph
[u][b]RP Sample:[/b][/u] Sample of the move being used in battle. At least one paragraph.

[u][b]Normal Sample:[/b][/u] First give an accurate representation of your skills in role-playing. The first sample is a short scenario that does not involve battling. The topic of the scenario is decided by you.

[u][b]Battling Sample:[/b][/u] Second give an accurate representation of how your role-playing skills for battling. Give a short excerpt from a scenario in which you are battling an enemy, such as another senshi or a monster from the black hole. Both of these samples together will verify that you may keep all of the information you have provided in this application.

Thanks to Arashi for allowing me to use part of his character template here.
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Character Template
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