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 Arashi Kyuuketsuki

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Arashi Kyuuketsuki
Neutral Senshi
Arashi Kyuuketsuki

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PostSubject: Arashi Kyuuketsuki   Arashi Kyuuketsuki I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 10:12 pm

Name: Arashi Kyuuketsuki

Nickname: None

Senshi Name: Sickle

Element: Water

Age: 17

DOB (Date of Birth): June 22, 1992

Gender: Male

Appearance: Arashi is frail and slim, one of the smallest built kids of his grade level. His long black hair is straightened and hangs loosely over one of his crystal blue eyes and also hangs down the sides of his face, but the back of his hair is spiked and messy. Arashi has sharp canine teeth and when he closes his mouth, one tooth always juts out over his bottom lip. A curved yet defined jaw line is covered in a thin layer of black facial hair. Arashi seems to wear the same outfit to school everyday, though he actually has many different sets of the same exact outfit. It consists of a black and grey striped scarf which he fastens loosely around his neck so that two sides are always hanging down on either side of his chest. underneath this scarf, he wears a deep blue jacket with a gold zipper that he chooses to only zip up three fourths of the way. The jacket is unusual because it is short-sleeved and exposes his pale, slender, and bony arms. To complete his look, Arashi wears a pair of dark blue jeans that are manufactured to have a few holes in the design of the pants.

Arashi's scarf is a magical item that allows him to transform into his Senshi mode. He can throw it up into the air to activate his transformation. While in Senshi mode, Arashi's shirt is missing, but the lower half of his torso is covered with a thick blue armored plate, as his left shoulder. The shoulder plate extends into a black skin-tight glove that is arm length, but cuts off at the fingers for better grip. At the end of this arm, an arm blade is attached with metal bands firmly around his wrist, which he uses to attack enemies. On his other arm is a second black glove that extends up to his shoulder. Arashi's Senshi mode pants are baggy and several buckles hang loosely along the sides going up the leg that don't seem to buckle to anywhere in particular. Also two straps hang down loosely from the top of the pants. The bottoms of the pants fold over a pair of black boots that, although the tops of the boots can't be seen, extend up to his knees. Finally the scarf falls upon his neck perfectly and wraps itself around his mouth, nose, and chin and increases in length to billow freely in the wind.

Personality: Arashi is usually a friendly person and very easy to get along with, though he can be assertive or demanding at times. Often he can't bear to refuse one of his friends so instead he agrees to things that he may not want to do, but if he completely opposes a decision, he will stand up for himself. Arashi likes to keep his true emotions hidden behind a smile, which makes reading him hard for anybody who is attempting to judge his personality. Arashi takes great liking to his close friends and will protect them at all costs, even if it means putting his own life at risk. He does this without hesitation because he thinks that his close friends are the only people in the world who truly care about him and he wants to show his appreciation, but he can never form these emotions into words, because Arashi has difficulty with social interactions. Sometimes he will even stutter or mess up his sentences. But overall, Arashi really does mean well in everything he does.

Alignment: Light Senshi

Messenger: Arashi's messenger is a small cartoon bat that hovers around his head or will sometimes perch on his shoulder for a brief rest. The bat is pure black in color and consists of a round shape for its body, with large overly exaggerated wings and tiny curved legs with small blocks at the ends of them to signify feet. Its eyes and mouth are both very big and take up the majority of its body. Arashi had dubbed this bat the name of "Kyuu" because it is a shortened version of the Japanese word for vampire, but also because it cannot speak human words so it murmurs sounds that are similar to its name.

Transformation Item: Magical Scarf

Background: Arashi lives in a medium sized house on the outskirts of Maho City with his parents, but he is completely disconnected from his guardian figures. Arashi feels he can do what he want and when he want, and spent the majority of his childhood living out of friends houses. Some of his closest friends were his best friend, Shiiro, a short blonde-haired boy who was almost always seen with a pair of golden headphones around his neck, and a girl by the name of Shion, silent but deadly. He had known them for a while, but during his senior year of high school, all of his closest friends seemed to turn on him and completely ignore him. Arashi was able to make a few new friends, but none have yet to replace the missing part of Arashi's heart that his close friends once held.

Since Arashi started his studies at the High School in Maho City, he would never have classified himself as a typical student. He had a sense of determination of becoming something great, and would always pretend that he had special abilities that set him apart from the other students. He would often tune out his teachers' lesson to daydream about the High School being attacked by a horde of monsters and Arashi would be able to step up and save the entire school from destruction. But one day as he sat in class and his thoughts wandered to something similar to this, an explosion sounded from somewhere no the far end of the Academy. He turned to his good friend Kaiden, who sat in a seat behind and diagonal to Arashi, then quickly jumped up from his seat and ran out the door...

(Arashi has yet to become a Senshi, but once he does he will learn abilities which I will list here.)

Name of Ability:
RP Sample:

Normal Sample: Arashi walked into his Math Classroom, and was one of the first few students there as usual. He sat down at his desk and waited for the bell to ring that would signify the start of class. The next person to enter the room was Shiiro, a short and dark blonde haired boy. As usual he had a pair of golden headphones draped around his neck, though Arashi could not hear music from them; they must've been turned off for school. Arashi scowled when he spotted the student. He really wanted to hate Shiiro with all his heart, but in truth he could not. Shiiro at one time was Arashi's best friend and even though Shiiro no longer wanted anything to do with his former friend, Arashi still hoped that one day he and Shiiro could become friends once again.

Shiiro took a seat at his desk two seats to the left of Arashi and glanced over at him with the corner of his thick lips twisted upwards into a smirk, before looking away. Next Kaiden walked into the room with his shoulders pressed backwards in his usually confident yet not overly cocky air. He assumed his position at his desk diagonally behind Arashi, and Arashi turned to greet him. "Oh hey, Kaiden. What's new?" he smiled brightly. Kaiden was really socially connected with other people; whenever Arashi talked to him, he felt like Kaiden thought of him as the most important person in the world, and Arashi really liked that feeling. The buzzer finally rang and Arashi turned around to face the front of the class where the teacher stood with chalk in hand, ready to begin class.

Only a few minutes into the period, Arashi was already dozed off into his world of thoughts, romanticizing about saving the entire class from intruders in the building. Arashi flipped around inside his mind and delivered a devastating combination of punches. Suddenly, a large explosion sounded from the opposite end of the school. The entire class was startled and turned towards the direction of the sound trying to figure out what had caused it. Arashi suddenly felt a strange feeling in his gut; he knew something was wrong. With a quick glance back at Kaiden, Arashi emerged from his desk and dashed out the door. He didn't even know what he was doing, but he felt drawn towards the explosion, completely ignoring the calls of the teacher behind him.

Battling Sample: Soon Arashi arrived at a main lobby in the school. He paused for a moment and surveyed the area, trying to remember where he had heard the explosion from and which hallway to take to get there. Suddenly he heard low growling sounds from within the dark shadows of the hallways. The explosion must have knocked a few power cords loose and some of the lights had gone out in the hallways. Before Arashi could tell what was going on, he was surrounded completely by black tiger-like demons. The were in the silhouette of a large cat shape with red glaring eyes, and all of them looked like they were about to maul Arashi.

“Can I really fight like in my dreams?” Arashi thought to himself as he focused on one particular demon and glared back at it. The tiger lowered it front in a ready position then leaped forward at the frail boy who stumbled to the ground in surprise as he tried to escape the path of the jump. He quickly recovered to only his two legs and swung around in a one eighty degree arc, knocking his extended foot into the demon’s head. The tiger simply shook of the attack and turned its head to face Arashi again. Now the other tigers began to move and circle around Arashi.

Any one of them could attack at any moment, so Arashi made sure to observe each demon equally so he would not be caught off-guard. Then all at once, all of the demons stopped and pointed themselves towards Arashi. A bead of sweat dripped down his brow, which he quickly wiped away. Suddenly all of the demons took to the air and pounced at once. Not knowing how to react, Arashi just stood his ground and watched all of the tigers get closer and closer. Suddenly they all stopped in midair and a few seconds later, crashed to the ground. Arashi then spotted Kaiden standing off a little ways down the hallway that Arashi had just came from. Kaiden’s eyes glowed brightly with a purple energy. “Are you okay?” he asked.
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Arashi Kyuuketsuki
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