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 Arashi's Iron Armblade

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Arashi Kyuuketsuki
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Arashi Kyuuketsuki

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Arashi's Iron Armblade Empty
PostSubject: Arashi's Iron Armblade   Arashi's Iron Armblade I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 10:28 pm

Name: Iron Armblade

Apperance: Arashi's arm blade connects to his forearm with two small metal rings that wrap around his wrist and slightly above, near the center of his forearm. The blade itself extends way past Arashi's hand and actually has two points that lie very close to each other. The base of the sword is beautifully crafted with an intricate design etched into a gold tinted metal. The blade section of the weapon is light grey to white in color.

Element: None

Description: The Arm Blade is used similarly to a regular sword, but because it is attached directly to the arm, it acts as an extension of the arm and therefore has better handling than an normal sword. Also the arm blade has the capability to be wielded from many different standpoints without shifting the positioning of the blade and is always attached directly to Arashi, so there is no chance that the blade will fall out of the user's hand. However, because of the way the blade is attached, strength of attacks are sacrificed for increased levels of speed and precision. The arm blade cannot consistently deal as much damage as an average sword because it does not have the user's hand to provide additional force.

RP Sample: As Arashi completed his transformation, he looked down at the heavy weight that had appeared on his left arm, the hand he was used to writing with. He was astonished to find a hefty blade fastened to his arm with two metal rings. Though the blade was not particularly heavy, he felt his arm sink under its weight. Raising his arm in front of his torso for protection, he glared at the demon he faced with a new-found determination. He took off on his heels and rushed forward at the demon, his arm still bend in front of his body. Suddenly with a speedy flick of his arm, he created a gash into the demon's flesh, jumping back afterwards to create distance. Arashi would eventually learn how to use the blade properly, but for now he knew he would have lots of fun simply dicing up some demons. Glaring at a second cat-shaped demon, he ran forward to strike again, a wide grin stretched across his face.
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Arashi's Iron Armblade
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