Our only hope for defeating the evil that enshrouds it is hidden among us.
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 Kaname Sora

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Kaname Sora
Neutral Senshi
Kaname Sora

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PostSubject: Kaname Sora   Kaname Sora I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 7:40 pm

Name:Kaname sora

Nickname: N/A

Senshi name: Bondo

Element: Lighting


DOB:September 24 1995


Apperance:Kaname has dark ish blue hair that is spiky and short.Kaname has Shinning green eyes that glimer when he's laughing but turns dark when he gives on of his ''deady gaze''.Kaname is 5,9''.Kaname has bad eyes sites so he has to where glasses which he keeps hidden because there embrassing.But he can hardly see in combat with out them.Kaname wears a short black jacket which he keeps unbotton.with a white t shirt.He usaly wears converse jeans.Most of his times he where his white sneakers.

Personaltiy:When Kaname is in human form he try's to use logic.most of the times he keep's to his self not trying to talk aboutt feelings.But when Kaname is around certain people he will start a conversation on random things.In Senshi form,Kaname likes to speak his mind cleraly and not afraid to speak his words.He's more rash in this form jumping into battle with oout stragety and not locating at there techinques.

Aligment;Light senshi

messenger:Mofo& fomo .Kaname Sora %5BChibi%5D%20Tofu-Family

Transformation Item:Golden tiger claws.

background:Kaname was raised in japan by his grandpa when he was 7 years old after his parent's died in a fatil train crash.Kaname Grandpa explain the powers of Senshi and how each one is unique.at the time Kaname didn't understand and thought it was just his Grandpa's famous stroy tales.When Zero turn 12,Kaname was asleep in his room when a common thief appered trying to kidnap kaname grand pa.aname grand pa was killed and excuted for his actions.The thief left not knowing Kaname was there.Kaname woke up three hours later finding him self in a police station.Kaname was morned over his grandfather killed.Kaname found a note left by his grand pa telling him the thief was after a Transformation and he was expected to die,the note said that in three years kaname would understand more clearly.


Name:Lighting flash
Descrption:The user uses there item to pump eletric energy in there body to move up cells movement.Increasing the user speed by 3 times.
Rp Sample:Water needles where coming at Kaname all around him.''Lighting flash''.Kaname pumped eletricty through his body creating sparks.Kaname cells started vibrating.''can't catch me now''.Kaname started sprinting fasting avoiding most needles but being stick on his arms.

Name: Thunder press
Descrption:The user generates energy in there hands ,Then fires it out of there hands fast like really lighting.
Rpsample:Kaname started charging energy in his hands.The lighting around his hand was sur4ging and crackling.Kaname open his hands and the lighting expolded.the lighting was on strai and moving in different direction confusing the enemy.

Name:Volt Press
Descrption:A more power version of thunder press.The attack is stargiht forward can even pierce shields.
Rpsample:kaname started generating lighting energy.The lightting was not bulginh and strait.''fire''.Kaname fired the blast.The lighting came out in a straghit blast surronded by discharge enrgy.

Name:lighting blade.
Descrption:The user charges lighting in there weapons then swings it creating crescent blades of eletricty slicing at the oppent.
Rpsample:Kaname started charging energy inside his tiger claws.He then swings he claws firecly sending blades slashing the enemy.

Name:charge barrier
Element lighting
Descrption:The user gather lighting energy in there body forcefully then release it to create a dome of energy that defends and reples enemy.
Rpsample:Kaname bursted lighting energy creating a dome of energy.That repled all the throwable swords.

Name:Glowing claws.
Descrption;The user swings there weapons with energy absorbe din it to increase the physically power.
RpSample:Kaname gather energy in his weapons then swings it forcefully easily slicing the boulder in half.

Normal Sample:
Kaname was in a Tea house sipping some nice hot sweet tea.His throught was quenched when the warm liquid.The tea lady came in with her rainbow kimondo,She looked scared seeing how glaring and the sharp glare in her eye.She put on a fake smile and walked to Kaname and picked up his empty tea cup.kaname gave her a daring scare and she flenched for second.''umm... would like some more tea cakes''.Zero open mouth and spoke''yes,please''.The women was suprised how gravely and depressed Kaname voice was and ran into back.''Other coustomers lookworried and stare at Kanamefor .''But every time he say a glance of there eyes he would turn his deadly gaze on them,the coustmers quickly turn there head.

Battle sample:Kaname was being in battle with a large 40 ish year old man.''look kid,hand over the Senshi soul of lighting.and i might let you live''.The man gave a meancing smile.kaname gave the man a deadly glare.''umm i don't think i will let you get your evil hands on it''.Kaname hand tiger claws where glowing.the man face was now red with rage.''you little brat you deserve no mercy,now face my power''.The ring around the mans finger started glowing and the soil and rock started forming around him''now crush manditor''.the mens muscle started bulging and the rock soil started sticking to his skin.the soil started hardening into horns.The man had comtley turn into some typee of bull creature.Kaname jumped back in suprise of the creature.''Noww this is my ture power!'' the man yelled.''somebody has some ego issues''.Kaname said.now let me show you my weapon,strike from the heaven Golden tiger claws''.the sky started turn gray and lighting shot down on kaname.His hair turn golden and more spikey,he gain golden armor.His face grew tiny whiskers,Zero grow ears,and a tail.the man looked down at the animal like kaname.''soome transformation,now you die kitty rock missles''.The man slamed his meaty hand on the ground and rocks jumpe dout ground frieing at kaname.''hmph''.Kaname jumped wildly and jumped infornt of the rock beast chest.''Farewell,volt press''Kaname pulled his chest to right side of the mans chest.A blast of ,lghting shoot oout the other side piercing the mans heart clean

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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Re: Kaname Sora   Kaname Sora I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 10:35 pm

Okay. this is approved, but please edit a few things. I didn't post the plot of this site yet, so it's okay. The bad guys aren't after your weapons, they're after your soul. They're trying to form an army of the evil version of ourselves by stealing the souls of the human race. The souls of the senshi are the most powerful, so they want our souls the most. Also, you only meet your little alien pet thing a little while AFTER you start RPing. That's all I wanted to say, anyway, approved.
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Kaname Sora
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