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 General Roleplaying Rules

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Konorai Kairo
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General Roleplaying Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Roleplaying Rules   General Roleplaying Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 5:37 pm

This is a list of the basic rules that everyone must follow if they do not wish to become restricted or banned! Please abide by the rules and I promise we will both have fun!

1.) Play Fairly - I'm sure most all of you can tell a well-written and fair post from one that is cheap and considered as a term called "god-modding." This means that you are taking advantage of your opponent and creating a post that abuses the limits of what your character should be capable of doing. To make sure that your posts do not lean towards god-modding keep a few tips in the back of your mind as you write: Mind your character's stamina amount; all attacks will require the use of energy, and it is not unlimited. Using one powerful move after another will drain your energy quickly, and you will have to stop at some point. I left this open to players' discretion so please do not make me regret that decision. Also try to avoid instant kills. If your post involves unleashing a chain of attacks that ends in an opponent's death or heavy wounding, it is probably god-modding.

2.) Know Your Defeat - This kind of follows along with playing fairly. If you lose a battle, accept your defeat (even if it involves your death). Nobody likes a sore loser and if you attempt to god-mod your way out of defeat, people will only get irritated.

3.) Spelling and Length - I don't expect a masterpiece out of every post, but it would greatly help if people can actually read your posts. Please recheck your posts to make sure there are not a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, and try to separate your post into paragraphs to make it easier to read. As for length, you don't need to write a book, but put some length to it so that anyone reading your work will get enough detail out of it to be able to respond. One or two sentence posts will NOT be accepted under any circumstances, even if it is just conversation (make your character act while talking, don't just stand there and speak). Try to make every post at least a paragraph long.

4.) Administrators - Please remember that admins will try to be online as much as possible, but we also have lives outside of the site so we will not be online all the time. If there is no admin online at the time you submit material, please be patient; an admin will get to it as soon as they log on. Site members are also expected to listen to ALL administrators. Failure to do so will be reported to me and may result in you becoming restricted.

5.) Have Fun - Finally, I want everyone on here to have some fun. I know I have a lot of rules and such, but I am really a nice person so feel free to approach me in the game; I won't bite...much. But I definately want all of you to have fun, because that is also what I am here for!
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General Roleplaying Rules
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