Our only hope for defeating the evil that enshrouds it is hidden among us.
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 Kimashi Furuko

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Kimashi Furuko
Neutral Senshi

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PostSubject: Kimashi Furuko   Kimashi Furuko I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2010 8:43 pm

character name: Kimashi Fukuru
Nick name: Kimii
Senshi name: Senshi Jael
Element: ice
Age: 15
D0B: February 1, 1995
Gender: female
Normal appearance: kimashi is a tall and average sized teenager, weighing no more than 124 pounds and about 5 ft. 6 in in height, not necessarily strongly built. She has long black hair, which she keeps straightened with bangs in her face constantly. She likes to add color to her hair, and often can be found with different shades of blue's, red's, purple's and green's streaked throughout her colored hair [[not all of those colors at the same time of course]] and occasionally wears a hippy like headband across her forehead. She also has a recently acquired eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow. Her day to day outfits usually include dark colored skinny jeans, and some type of t-shirt and or hoodie. Bead necklaces usually adorn her neck. She wears knee-length black converse with white laces.

Shenshi appearance: uhhh *fills in later*
Personality: Kimashi is quiet at first, not speaking unless asked something, and not one to blurt out things. She is very opinionated on most topics and isn’t afraid to speak her mind if need be, although she avoids conflicts if they can be avoided. She is friendly when she wants to be, but she is very sensitive to other peoples feelings and trys not to hurt those she loves and considers friends. She can always be counted on to listen to problems and will do her best to try and help that person out. Other peoples emotions tend to find their way into her emotion line, especially if they are strong emotions. She can feel others pain, or happiness and it usually defines her own emotions. Once you become closer to Kimashi, it is less common for you to see that quiet girl from before. She is very loud and occasionally obnoxious, and never embarrassed. She has very high expectations from others because she knows what her friends are capable of . .

Alignment: neutral
Messenger: Osirus
Transformation object: sldkjsalfja?

Background: …………

Ability: flying ice shards of doomeness? o.o

Description: sharp hand movements cause air molecules begin to freeze, turning them into hard, thin, sharp shards of ice that can be thrown at the enemy ?

RP Sample: Kimashi raised her left hand slowly, hoping not to draw attention to herself. The suspicious looking senshi wearing a scowl had his focus on something she couldn’t see from her own position. Quickly she jerked her hand back, and then forward again, as if pulling something from directly in front of her. The senshi turned to look at her, a surprised look on his face. Taking advantage of his confusion she transferred the ice shard to her right hand, and sent it hurtling towards him.

Normal sample: Kimashi tapped her pencil absent mindedly against her desk. Her science teacher was yelling at her once again for not paying attention. “You’ll never make it out of high school with that attitude…“ She tuned him out and stared out the window. Oh, how she wished she could get away from her repetitive life. She turned back to the teacher. He had a funny expression on his face and she didn’t know why. Confused she smiled politely, stood up and walked out the door, making sure to close it quietly behind her. “I wonder what that was all about.” she said out loud before exiting the school building.

Battling Sample: =\ skldjsaljd
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Kimashi Furuko
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