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 Konorai, Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light's Transformation Items

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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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Konorai, Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light's Transformation Items Empty
PostSubject: Konorai, Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light's Transformation Items   Konorai, Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light's Transformation Items I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 02, 2010 7:16 pm

Fire Shaped Earings
Green Nunchucks
Blue Lolipop
Death Note with Lightning Bolt on the Cover

Name: N/A N/A N/A N/A

Konorai: "Super-"
Lee: "Special-"
Ryuzaki+Light: "Awsome Transfor-"
All: "-mation Sequence Go!"

or when the other's aren't there:
Konorai: "Blaze of Power!"
Lee: "Power of Youth!"
Ryuzaki: "Super Sugar Rush!" (don't even ask)
Light: " 'Shocking' Transformation!"

Transformation Sequence:
1) All clothes turn into red ribbons
2) Red ribbons get longer
3) Red ribbons get shorter and the previous clothes are returned, they are now red and the shoulder blades are on fire.
4) Red ribbons dissapear as the rest of the clothes turn into a red sailor suit (XD)

1) Clothes into green ribbons
2) Green ribbons change into green armor
3) Nunchucks reappear in hands

1) Transformation Item turns to sparkles
2) Sparkles change clothes into light blue armor
3) Transformation Item reappers in hands
4) Sparkles turn to bubbles which all pop

1) Lightning bolt on Death Note expands
2) Electricity goes around and changes clothes to orange armor
3) Huge spark and shoulder blades are electricly charged

RP Sample:

Everyone else had already evacuated from the building because of the sudden explosion. This was good because it gave us a chance to transform without being seen.

"Awesome Tranfor-"
"-mation Sequence Go!"

The monster was already reaking havoc and it almost killed someone. Thankfully, time slowed down as we transformed into Senshi form, and it gave us time to go and attack.
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Konorai, Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light's Transformation Items
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