Our only hope for defeating the evil that enshrouds it is hidden among us.
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 Magical Scarf

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Arashi Kyuuketsuki
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Arashi Kyuuketsuki

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PostSubject: Magical Scarf   Magical Scarf I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 10:44 pm

Item: Arashi's cherished childhood scarf

Name: Magical Scarf

Call: "I call upon thee, Magical Scarf, to grant me the power to protect those who are precious to me!"

Transformation Sequence: Arashi unravels his scarf from his neck and throws it up into the air. At this second, time seems to stop and Arashi's entire body glows a mystical silver color, as his regular clothes vanish. Then a dark blue plate appears around Arashi's lower torso, which connects with a brown belt to a shoulder plate on Arashi's left arm. Next two shoulder length skin-tight black gloves appear along both of Arashi's arms, cut off at the fingertips for better grip. Then Arashi's pants will appear, a dark blue baggy pair of pants that have many loose straps that running up along the sides of the legs that don't see to connect to anything in particular. Finally a red gem appears inside a cavity of the shoulder plate that sparkles brilliantly and time resumes as the scarf falls down perfectly around Arashi's neck. The scarf than grows in length and wraps around Arashi's chin, mouth, and nose to complete his look as his scarf and clothes billow gently in a sudden gust of wind.

RP Sample: "If you wish to protect your friend, call upon my power," an unknown voice whispered into Arashi's ear. "Repeat after me..." Arashi listened intently as the voice passed along to him an ancient passage used to call upon strength in dire situations, the whole time Arashi’s gaze was focused on Kaiden who laid upon the ground in an unconscious state. The demons which surrounded them stirred restlessly and ready to attack. With the voice finished speaking, Arashi grabbed hold of one end of his scarf and pulled it from his neck, throwing it high up into the air. "I call upon thee, Magical Scarf, to grant me the power to protect those who are precious to me!" he called and time seemed to stand still as his body radiated with a silver energy.

One by one, pieces of Arashi's Senshi garb began to appear along his body, which was now free from any remains of his normal clothing. In just a few moments Arashi was completed dressed in his new outfit and time resumed, as he dropped to the ground and the scarf fell perfectly around his neck, wrapping its way around his jaw to complete the look. As Arashi completed his transformation, he looked down at the heavy weight that had appeared on his left arm, the hand he was used to writing with. He was astonished to find a hefty blade fastened to his arm with two metal rings. Though the blade was not particularly heavy, he felt his arm sink under its weight. Raising his arm in front of his torso for protection, he glared at the demon he faced with a new-found determination.
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Magical Scarf
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