Our only hope for defeating the evil that enshrouds it is hidden among us.
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 Konorai Kairo, Rock Lee Kairo, Ryuzaki Roraito, Light Yagami

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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Konorai Kairo, Rock Lee Kairo, Ryuzaki Roraito, Light Yagami   Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:40 pm

Name: Konorai Kairo, Rock Lee Kairo, Ryuzaki Roraito, Light Yagami

Nickname: N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
Senshi Name:
Senshi Blaze
Senshi Youth
Senshi Aqua
Senshi Thunder


Age: 14,15,14,16

DOB (Date of Birth):
October 27, 1996
October 27, 1995
Halloween, 1996
Valentines Day, 1994

Gender: Female, Male, Male, Male

1. Refer to Avatar


Personality: Konorai is happy and carefree, and can be serious when she needs to be. Lee is brave and is willing to do anything it takes for Konorai to be happy. Light is agressive and...let's face it, homosexual, going after Ryuzaki mostly. Ryuzaki isboth intellegent and is and insomniac. He also has the biggest sweet tooth in the world. but is suprisingly underweight.

Alignment: Light Senshis

Messenger: Meeple

Transformation Item:
Fire Shaped Earings
Green Nunchucks
Blue Lollipop
Death Note with a Lightning Bolt on the Cover

Background: Konorai and her brother, Lee met Light, and Ryuzaki in an orphanage where they had to live after the deaths of their parents:Light's parents died in all too coincidental accidents, Konorai and Lee's parents were killed in a fire, and Ryuzaki's parents were killed in a bombing. After inheriting the money from their late caretaker while they were at the orphanage, they enrolled in Maho High.


(These will be the first moves they know when they become senshi)

Konorai's Abilities so Far
Name of Ability: Blazing Arrows of Fury
Element: Fire
Description: The user reaches up in the sky and the arrow appears in their hand while a bow appears in the other. The user then aims with the bow and arrow. Then they inhale and exhale fire on the tip of the arrow and shoot. As it flys through the air, the entire arrow catches fire, but nothing happens to the arrow itself. (Meaning, it doesn't burn up)
RP Sample: Reaching into the air to attack the creature sent from the Black Hole, I called out, "Blazing Arrows of Fury!" As I did so, my arrow appeared in the raised hand and the bow appeared in the lowered one. I took aim and blew, fire forming on the arrow, and I shot it, aimming for the heart of the monster.

Lee's Abilities so Far
Name of Ability: Crystal Avalanche
Element: Earth
Description: The user turns as much earth around as they can handle into crystals and telepathicly fires them at the opponent.
RP Sample: Lee bought a little more time as the ground around him telepathicly rose into the air and formed into some strange form. At last, they had taken the form of crystals and were all horizantally pointed at the enemy. "Crystal Avalanche!" Lee shouted as the crystals around him flew through the air.

Ryuzaki's Abilities so Far
Name of Ability: Tsunami Bullet
Element: Water
Description: The user uses the water in the air around them and forms it all together to form a giant wave.
RP Sample: Noticing that the enemy before him seemed to be using electricty, Ryuzaki took the type advantage into play. He seemed to be grabbing thin air, but when he opened his hands, a sphere of water was formed there. The enemy didn't know what he was trying to pull, so he started a chase. Ryuzaki ran and got water from the air at the same time, and once he had enough, he threw it back at the demon shouting, "Tsunami Bullet!"

Light's Abilities so Far
Name of Ability: Aurora Bolt
Element: Lightning
Description: The user uses their own body heat to form electricity in their hands and hurl it at their enemy.
RP Sample: In oreder to use the move quickly, Light rubbed his hands together to make static electricity, and pulled them apart to reveal electricity zapping from finger to finger. he charged at the enemy and put his hands forward. The electic energy quickly went from his hands to the air as it flew towards the enemy as he shouted, "Auora Bolt!"

Normal Sample:

Konorai twitched in annoyance. "Ryuzaki, I don't have any more money to go off buying you sweets." she answered. Ryuzaki pouted innocently and Lee followed close behind. "Does anyone know where Raito might have gone?" Lee asked. Konorai and Ryuzaki only then noticed that Raito hadn't shown up that day. "No not really." Konorai replied, grabbing a rock and tossing it onto the surface of the water, where it bounced a few times before sinking to the bottom of the stream. Ryuzaki attempted to copy Konorai, failing miserably.

"I don't mind if he doesn't show up." Ryuzaki added, grabbing another rock to throw. "But still, it's sort of boring without him." Konorai answered. "We could always--" Lee began before Konorai cut him off. "Lee, we've been searching for squirrels for the last 4 hours." Lee sighed and stood up. "You can never have too many squirrels?" he replied, grabbing a jump-rope from his bag and going over to the other side of the field. Konorai sighed and grabbed a rock, throwing it once more, only this time, aiming for Ryuzaki.

Battling Sample:

My hands were starting to slip. Lee, Ryuzaki, and Light were trying to keep the monster as far away from the edge of the bridge, but it didn't seem to be working. I swung back and forth a little before flipping back onto the bridge. Then I went back over to the fight. light and Ryuzaki were attacking from behind while Lee was in the front, but they were running out of stamina fast because of the time they spent after I almost got knocked off the bridge.

Reaching into the air to attack as well, I called out, "Blazing Arrows of Fury!" As I did so, my arrow appeared in the raised hand and the bow appeared in the lowered one. I took aim and blew, fire forming on the arrow, and I shot it, aimming for the head of the monster. But it teleported and avoided the attack. "Shit." I muttered, pulling out another arrow. I took aim and fired again, but this time it was caught. It was times like this when I wished I knew more attacks.
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Konorai Kairo, Rock Lee Kairo, Ryuzaki Roraito, Light Yagami
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