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 Lighting claws

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Kaname Sora
Neutral Senshi
Kaname Sora

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PostSubject: Lighting claws   Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:13 pm

Name:Tiger claws

Apperance:is equiment weapon that has for sharp yellow claws and a opening where you put your hands.There also strings around the finger to move each blade indivualy.Also it has a white fur around the edges.


descrption:This weapon combine with eletrical attacks can increase aglity move ments,to move a super sonic speeds.The weapon can use both long range short range attacks.In short range attacks the user can attack quickly with the claws slicing vercisouly.In long range the weapon can shoot eletrical attacks by absorbing energy from natural lighting then focusing it into a blast,and shapeing it into blast.

rp sample:kaname stick his hands inside the hilt of the weapon.Kaname moved the golden blades like fingers.Kaname ran at the dummy spinning and slcing vercisouly at the dummmy body slicing quickly attacxking from the side angles.KAname tiger claws started glowing with energy with eletricty glowing through th claws.''Thunder press''.Zero pointed his claws,the eletricty surging and fired in a zing zang pattern at the dummy landing a quick blast
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Konorai Kairo
Konorai Kairo

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PostSubject: Re: Lighting claws   Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:36 pm

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Lighting claws
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